New Construction & Design

As in any upgrading/modernization/installation of electrical/mechanical equipment, the objective must be determined i.e., what are the short comings, what is expected of the new system: what changes have been made to code and good practice, what based on current technology, can be added to enhance the characteristics and make the system compatible with present building requirements and current Code.

J. Martin Associates Inc. provides consultation and confirmation of preliminary elevator criteria for the building element making recommendations regarding hoistway, machine room, machine, controller, pump, tank, cylinder, safety, platform, capacity, speed including salient feature, e.g. door type/size, accessibility, life safety and ADA requirements. We will provide preliminary specification, develop preliminary estimates of probable cost, and review schematic details. We will establish elevator sizes, speed, space allocations, machinery areas in sufficient detail to permit preliminary space allocation for the required systems. We will provide coordinated bid documents consisting of final working drawings including pit, hoistway, machinery spaces, hoistway sections, car enclosure, hoistway entrances, operating and signal fixtures details, communication, fire service, etc. and comprehensive technical specifications including equipment operating and performance requirements, finishes, car interior design, hoistway.



National Association of
Vertical Transportation