QEI Inspections

Inspection, code and BOCA Certified Compliance, J Martin Associates, Inc. provides ASME/ANSI-QEI Certified Elevator Safety Inspections and is approved by the City of New York as Private Elevator Instectors (NYC Local Law No. 10). Code reviews and safety inspections of equipment for insurance, investment, expert witness testimony or other needs.

The duties of an inspector include the following:

(a) making acceptance inspections and witnessing tests to determine whether all parts of the installation conform to the requirements of the applicable code or regulations and whether the required safety devices function as required therein

(b) making routine or periodic inspections and witnessing tests of existing installations to determine that the equipment is in apparent safe operating condition, has not been altered except in conformity to the applicable code or regulations, and performs in accordance with test requirements

(c) reporting the results of the inspection and testing in accordance with the appropriate administrative procedures and the following:

The certified inspector's report shall include a clear description of the scope of the inspection performed, including the type of inspection (acceptance, periodic, or routine) and whether or not the inspection was performed in accordance with the applicable requirements of ASME A17.1, Section 8.10 or 8.11, or ASME A18.1, Section 10. H any other type of inspection was performed, the report shall include a complete description of the scope of the inspection.



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