Quality Control & Maintenance Evaluation

J. Martin Associates, Inc. will provide the following services:

A. Perform a maintenance evaluation of the aforementioned elevator systems describing the present elevator maintenance Contractor's performance as it relates to good industry practice.

B. Measure actual operating efficiency of each elevator i.e., running speed, door cycle time, elevator dwell time, brake-to-brake time, brake dwell time etc., as compared to original manufacturer's design standards.

C. Observe the operational quality of each elevator with respect to acceleration, running, stopping, door operation, noise level, floor level accuracy, etc.

D. Observe condition of equipment as it relates to current state of the art with respect to anticipated remaining life cycle, improved elevator safety, reliability, performance and energy efficiency.

E. Review clerical "elevator trouble log" and mechanics "elevator work log" to determine malfunction frequency and redundancy. Interview building operation personnel with regard to service reliability, performance and tenant complaints.

F. Review present maintenance agreement with respect to the extent of coverage, contract compliance by the Contractor, and your current per annum cost.

G. Prepare a written report describing our findings, which will include:

1. Recommendations of corrective work for immediate action by your present maintenance contractor under the terms of your present maintenance agreement.

2. Recommendations for corrective work not covered under your present maintenance agreement.

H. All inspections are made in accordance with ASME A17.1, A17.2 and A17.3 by a QEI Licensed Inspector.




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